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CrystalMoors - Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem

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Mon 26 Sep 11
/ 5

Spanish black/pagan metal band CrystalMoors, has decided to grant the world of metal with yet another heathen blessing by releasing "Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem." These six barbarians whom are, Uruksoth (Lead vocalist), Erun-Dagoth (Lead, acoustic and rhythm guitars, keyboards, chorus), Faramir (rhythm and acoustic guitar, whistle, melodic vocals, bagpipes, chorus), Thorgen (bass, melodic vocals, chorus), Aernus (keyboards, samples) and Gharador (drums, percussion), play their own brand of Cantabrian pagan metal. CrystalMoors is said to sound like "melodic epic death metal, black metal and Celtic folk music" and let me tell you that this formula is exquisite. They are able to create a Viking theme with not only the lyrics, but with the music as well. The folk combined with the harder black/death metal parts make the perfect soundtrack to a voyage at sea, with new land on the horizon.

Beginning with "Mors Vindivs," this is a quiet song with only a flute and the sound of a light rainfall. "Tras La Galerna" and "Ibervs Flvmen" play in the same vein, as they are soft interludes of acoustic folk music. A more sprightly song like "Wrath of Centvries," begins furiously and with a melodic death metal feel. Later on, about a minute and a half in, the folk comes out, blended with a pagan-inspired atmosphere while the keyboards add some symphonic elements into the mix. The vocals are mainly growls, but some screams and clear vocals may be heard as well. “Brotherhood of the Three Banners” is vaguely a mix between Alcest and Amon Amarth, as is much of the album, if one could imagine such a coupling. This is perhaps the most enchanting track, though they’re all mesmerizing. The lovely acoustic intro and the flute playing are majestic and add to that organic feel of the natural wonder that is CrystalMoors. Ten minute behemoth "Lunavarian" contains the entire essence of CrystalMoors, embodying all of the elements the guys bring to the table. This song is just epic.

"Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem" is the perfect pagan metal album. Every song found on "Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem" is a masterpiece. One can envision marching across the scenic Cantabrian Mountains with its lush environment. The music is glorious, folk-injected metal, playing like an army of barbarians going to war against your ears, but with enough gentleness to spare your life. The medley of vocal styles and the variety of instruments used, conventional and nonconventional, create this wondrous landscape and transform this album into an adventure.


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