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Kamaedzitca - Dzieci Liesa

Author admin
Thu 22 Sep 11
/ 5

Admittedly, Belarus is hardly a hotbed for quality metal bands, but it's bands that Kamaedzitca that stop the would-be 'scene' from falling flat on it's face.This band packs a lot of energy and a fair amount of originality into their work, mixing pagan and folk themes with some death metal vocals and occasional thrashy riffing and small sections of black metal fury.

With all of these elements, it's hard to imagine the band having a unique sound, and it partly does (mostly down to vocalist/flute player Radan Luty) but a lot of the songs on the album are very varied. In the space of three tracks we go from an averagely heavy (but still melodic) death metal track, to a folky metal song (that seems to go nowhere) then to a VERY irritating high tempo song that really makes me want to give this album a lower score.

Another thing that bugs me is the flute/pipe melodies. While a lot of the time they are fantastic, perfectly complimenting what's going on around them, there seem to be some moments where the melody is completely out of tune with the rest of the song. A prime example is in Moj Prodak - Mjadvied, where the tune would sound perfectly good if it were only a tone higher, however they have (intentionally or otherwise) left it sounding like a dying cat.

Rant over. Apart from these flaws (which I wouldn't say were minor) the album is still very enjoyable, the drumming is fairly standard, but enough to keep you interested, the bass shines at points, but is still happy to stay in the rhythm section (which is what I admire in a bass player, I don't want no Les Claypool) and the guitar players in particular are fantastic in all departments, rhythm, leads and solos.

As the album ends with an epic 11-minute cover of fellow countrymen Gods Tower (at the end of which is the only point where the production slips up), there is a definite sense of satisfaction. This is a quality metal album, and a good addition to any fan's collection. Along with Aphoom Zhah, Kamaedzitca are keeping the scene that Gods Tower started alive.


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