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Adorned Brood - Asgard

Author admin
Fri 7 Nov 14
/ 5

These damn Adorned Brood albums are almost impossible to find in the U.S but I got lucky with this one. This third album by Adorned Brood continues with the Celtic and Medieval influenced blackened metal that I know them for. Having only heard their first album I must say that this is slightly better. As highly thought of as the first album is this one is just a bit tighter all around. The recording is supreme and the acoustics on this album are perfectly played. For example the track “Magic Nights” shows that they can put together some truly epic folk tunes while maintaining a rough sound. There are more flutes used here and combined with some great harpsichord and piano moments it just adds to the marvellously well-mixed style of splendour and harshness. You can’t say that about just any band that plays this style because most fail at what this band seemingly has a knack for. You’re either going to be impressed by the first-rate musicianship and intense sound of the group or you’ll just not appreciate what your mind cannot grasp.

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