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Bucovina - Duh

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Wed 12 Dec 12
/ 5

Bucovina is one of those Romanian bands that make me proud of being Romanian, along with Interitus Dei and God, bands who had the courage to raise up from the depths of the Romanian underground and make our music known across the borders. I forgot to mention the mighty Negura Bunget which rocked the fuck out Finland, taking the atmosphere of Transylvania into that cold, foggy realm.

The ep starts with 'Vuiet de Negru Izvor' (in English, 'a Black Spring's Hum'), a short instrumental, fast and energic which indeed pictures the tumultous flow of a spring into our Romanian mountains. A fast riff with magnificent atmosphere. The solo in the instrumental is fucking awesome, and the agressive part that follows is one of the best riffs I have ever heard. Though it's short, this instrumental however catches all the Romanian quintessence and our national pride.

The next song is called 'Duh' (in English: 'Ghost'), an amazing track with quite a doomish riff with a middle rampant riff and lyrics dealing with our ancestral lore and the pride which resides in our hearts. Bogdan Luparu gives the best of his voice, straight from his heart and mixed with the voice of the mountain-like guitarist and backing vocalist Crivat, they form a kind of spiritual duet. Awesome track with awesome feelings to give to those who want them.

The third song is called 'Straja' ('The Watch' in English), which in fact is a very old Romanian folk song, an old ode to the region of our country called Bucovina wherefrom the band took it's name. Personally I think this song must be our national anthem. The band is very proud of being from this amazingly beautiful country and with every song they deliver comes a new ode and hommage to it. This is the most beautiful one.

The next song is called 'Mestecanis' and I'm not sure if in English exists a term for this. I think it would be translated something like 'Clearing of Birches' . The song makes reference to our roots and brings to the front the big role that the woods played in our history, as being a nationality that worships nature and always did. The woods are our national pride here in Romania, because of their wild beauty. We can compare Romania with Finland, but here is warmer than those northern plains. Catchy riff with a quite dark atmosphere.

The last song is called 'Bucovina, an acoustic reprise' (in English: 'Bucovina, my Heart'), which is an acoustic reprise of the song included on the full-length album, 'Ceasul Aducerii Dminte'.

This ep is the ultimate proof of devotion to our amazing nature and history. I recommend it to everyone.

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