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1. Utstøtt - Legender Odin 3.8
2. Adorned Brood - Asgard 3.5
3. Last Wail - The Tale of Endless Night 4.5
4. Lemuria - Chanson de la Croisade 4.5
5. Arkona - Slovo 4.0

After quite a lengthy hiatus we're back to announce a few bands for next year.

Furthermore we inform you that the advance sale of tickets has started on our homepage:

As everybody is in the mood for “christmas” now, we came up with something special for you :)
 The first 100 ticket customers before Christmas will receive a free CD from the EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN mail order catalogue. Great, isn't it ? So dig in !

Now, we will have epic enjoyment with the following bands:


On the occasion of their 15th anniversary the band will perform a special show for you, including all albums and songs never performed before. Don't miss out !


One of Spain's best Metal acts. They don't seem to know any boundaries with their music. Sounds between Black Metal, classical music and acoustic rock will be heard. You will be surprised !


Born-and-bred Norwegians ! And as expected they will shatter the stage with their progressive Black/Death Metal


Their music wonderfully fuses metallic sounds with Hungarian folk. Hard to believe but this group fronted by Laura Binder is not inferior to Arkona or Kivimetsän Druidi


Legendary Pagan Black Metal from Thuringia ! They already performed on the 2011 Fimbul Festival in Fürth/Germany. As everybody was really excited about the band, they will take the stage in Dettelbach again, harhar !

Tickets available at


Oct 02, 2012
Avven present the »EOS project«

Slovenian (folk metal) newcomers Avven have just released news about their new project. EOS is a project, based on constant cooperation between the band and its supporters, on every step, from the beginning until the release of their third studio album.

The band decided not only to share some video impressions or trailers, but furthermore to choose 100 beta-testers of the project, who will have a direct part in making the decisions concerning the conception of new songs, formation of lyrics, graphical designs and stage performances.

"EOS is not only the name of our new album, it actually opens a quite new approach for us. Considering the music, we decided to just forget about all the patterns from the past, to make a step forward and develop our own sound. Furthermore, EOS is a project that will connect us with our fans even more. I think there are not many possibilities for people to actually cooperate with their favorite band, and be included in making decisions in every aspect. But why not? We really love the idea of our fans bringing their own creativity into this project, and feeling great having participated in something like this."(Anam, lead vocals)

Jul 23, 2012

The young Czech folk metal band Cruadalach announces signing the new booking contract with the Austrian mailorder/label/agency BLACK LIGHT MUSIC, for a cooperation in western Europe.

Please check their webpage:

Cruadalach plays folk metal with using violin, violoncello, recorders (flutes), shawms and bagpipe, in their original way, blending various styles. Some influences can be seen in "celtic" music, various legends and Czech folk music. Performances are led with very energic frontman - singer and nothing goes from playback, so Cruadalach gets many feedback considering that the band is "damn good live". Band has eight members. 

In less than 3 years of active existence (since autumn 2009), Cruadalach established their position on the metal scene in central Europe. Besides performances in their homeland, band already toured through all neighbouring and other close countries - Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Netherlands....., and played at great events, side by side with many big names in (not only) folk metal (Eluveitie, Arkona, Tyr, Skyforger, Korpiklaani, Equlibrium, Haggard, Moonsorrow, Crimfall, Suidakra), but also with many other great folk metal bands (Percival Schuttenbach, Dalriada, Niburta, Stribog, Avven, Krampus, Panychida, Prarod, Vecordia, Nothgard, Brezno, Northland, Heathen Foray, XIV Dark Centuries, Waylander...). 

Please check our webpage:


Lithuanian OBTEST, with their second album "Auka Seniems Dievams", managed to make a definite stir in pagan metal movement, still shy and uncertain back in 2001. A great moment has come – the dramatic combination of black metal roots, glorious praise of historical past, healthy dose of national pride, and the newborn searing melody, that has became a part of both OBTEST sound and one of distinctive marks of pagan metal ever since.